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Writing can be challenging for students. It takes time, and practice, and needs a lot of encouragement. To become proficient in writing, students should write often. Engage in brainstorming and free writing sessions to create topics that are of genuine interest. Express your thoughts and ideas in writing and develop a basic outline structure for organizational purposes. Remember to go back and edit your writing again. It is also wise to have another pair of eyes read over your work for a fresh perspective.


Making a connection between writing and reading. After reading a book, it is important to find ways that students can review what they've read in meaningful and interesting ways. Post-reading writing activities can come in many forms, from composing a summary to creating an opinion piece. These exercises, involving learning to write from what one has read, are some of the essential ways to improve writing skills.


At Certified Tutoring, our writing instructors teach our students the important skills and strategies in effective writing, from structuring basic sentences to constructing complex paragraphs. We provide our students with writing models, assignments, and techniques to guide them through the entire writing process: pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing.

Through our intensive writing program, our students have improved their writing skills dramatically to achieve higher scores on writing examinations both in school and on standardized tests.


Writing classes include:


  • K-12 & College Writing

  • SSAT Writing

  • ISEE Writing

  • SAT Writing

  • ACT Writing

  • GRE Writing

  • GMAT Writing

  • GED Writing

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