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Happy Clients, Happy Us

We do our very best to provide outstanding services for our students and love receiving feedback from them. The following are some of the testimonials from our students and student's parents.. We encourage you to write your  testimonials after experiencing our services.

To students or parents considering Tutoring Services:

The past five years have been the most formative and educational in my life and a large part of this has been due to my time at Certified Tutoring. With the help of Certified Tutoring, I have been admitted into Harvard University.

My tutoring sessions were a continuation of my education outside the traditional confines of school. Rather than doing remedial work, I gained deeper insights and explanations that complemented what I was learning at school and expanded my knowledge.

When I first came to Certified Tutoring in my eighth grade year, I went for SAT preparation. I can honestly say that the time I spent here definitely gave me a solid grasp of the tested material as well as strategies to maximize my chances of success. Above all, I firmly believe that the practice problems help me become familiarized with all possible types of questions so that nothing that you may come across is completely new or something that I have not been prepared for.

Seeing the effectiveness of their SAT prep, I also utilized my tutoring time to help me with school works and Advanced Placement Test preparations. With the help of my tutors, I was able to take a total of seven AP tests in my junior year, four of which I took only with the help of Certified Tutoring instead of taking regular school AP classes.

What make Certified Tutoring really shine are the tutors who give individualized attention and develop good relationship with students. My sincere thanks goes out to Mr. Li, Chris, Carl, and Nancy who have helped me tirelessly over the years, week after week, hour after hour, giving me an education that has truly prepared me for college and the rest of my life.

Certified Tutoring isn’t just another test prep program; it is a place that you can genuinely call your educational home, a place for personal development, friendship, hard work, and above all, learning. The hours of studying spent with the knowledge and skills that you gain here will have a tangible effect on your life and your future that truly do make a huge difference.

Certified Tutoring Student

Jason Cheng

To those in need of improving their education:

I have been so fortunately admitted by University of Pennsylvania because of the exceptional tutoring Mr. Li and his staff provided.

There are many students, like me, who feel as long as they listen in class, read the textbook, and study, they would inherently get good grades. Unfortunately, sometimes it is not that easy. As a student who had horrendous study habits and a lack of motivation, I would gradually change with the help of Mr. Li and his tutors.  Every tutor at Certified Tutoring Services is knowledgeable in their respective field(s) of study, and is well qualified to teach in-depth for just about any subject I needed help with.

There are some of you who may not be getting the grades you want in school or the scores you want on a standardized test. The tutors will take the time to work with you until you understand the law of relativity or how to write an essay on the civil war. For those looking to improve your scores on a standardized test, the tutors can also teach you shortcuts and strategies of how to approach a reading passage or math problem. Whatever problem you may have, the tutor will find an answer. Each tutor has been carefully selected by Mr. Li, ensuring that you will have a well-qualified tutor who can teach you just about any concept, strategy, or tip.

What ultimately made me stay at Certified Tutoring Services for four years are the study skills I have developed over the years. The tutors would provide me with insight on how to work efficiently so that I would not only work harder, but how I can work smarter. This is what every student needs to succeed. As I am going to University of Pennsylvania, I am comforted by the preparation the tutoring center has provided for me.  

The Certified Tutoring Services center is a place for learning, where I have spent countless hours studying, and I hope many of you will too. From the words of Mr. Li, “Keep working hard!”


Eric Wong

I am mother of Dorothy Deng, who is a student of Certified Tutoring Service.  Dorothy studied there during her 5th grader semesters.  She went there because we just immigrated from China to U.S. and she had difficulties in both spoken and written English.  She was in ESL class in her own elementary school at that time.

We are lucky that we found Certified Tutoring Services. They custom-made a terrific tutoring and studying plan for Dorothy. They taught her 1st -5th grade English grammar, writing and reading comprehensions. They encouraged her to make a rapid progress.  After 10 months of studying, she got out of the ESL class easily and now she has no difficulties in handling with her 6th grade Literature Arts, social studies and science. She can communicate well with her classmates and teachers. She can even get A from her quarter reports for language arts now. I have always thought how difficult for them to change a student in only 10 months, but they really made it.  I am really grateful and can’t thank them enough up to now.

Li Zhan(Parent of Dorothy)

It had been 3 years since I last took a standardized test or an algebra class. Especially since my math foundations were weak, the thought of taking the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) without refreshing my algebra was intimating. Apparently, this weakness in math also runs in my family since my brother finds math difficult. After taking a trimester worth of tutoring class at Certified Tutoring, his math test scores 
improved! With this in mind, I enrolled for tutoring at Certified Tutoring too.

Math is not my favorite subject  and it is my weakness. I would drive each of my math teachers in middle and high school crazy as they tried to teach me math. My math was so horrible that my algebra teacher laughed when I told him I wanted to take calculus. However, tutor Mr. Li at Certified Tutoring Services was extremely patient and constantly believed in me even when I did not believe in myself. Mr. Li patiently 
explained, re-explained, and developed new techniques to help me learn simple formulas. During the week before the GRE, Mr. Li found extra time to fit me in his busy schedule. With his help I was able to score high enough to be accepted into 4 of the 5 graduate schools I applied for.

Mr. Li supported and believed in me when I needed it the most. With his help, I was able to succeed in applying for graduate school. Mr. Li will help all his students do the best they can in their math class. He does not give up easily on any students. Trust me, he did it for me when other teachers failed.

Vanda Lam
(Student for GRE Prep)

Moreover, not only did the tutors teach my son the textual content, but they also taught him study habits and life lessons. Under the help of Certified Tutoring Services for four years, my son Eric has been admitted by University of Pennsylvania. I highly recommend Certified Tutoring Services to anyone who is in need of quality tutors.

Christine Tam-Wong
(Parent of Eric)

Certified Tutoring Services, and in particular Mr. Li, has definitely helped my daughter with her challenging math classes in Algebra II & Trigonometry and Advanced Pre-Calculus in Punahou High School. Mr. Li has also placed her with very knowledgeable tutors for her advanced science courses such as Honors Chemistry, AP Chemistry, and AP Biology. The tutoring services have helped my daughter tremendously, as she has gained the confidence and knowledge that is needed to succeed in these rigorous courses. Mr. Li has also 
provided my daughter with valuable college counseling and has encouraged her to take challenging courses.Along with her math and science tutoring, my daughter is also preparing for the SAT exam with Mr. Li. All children have the potential to succeed and Mr. Li encourages his students to study hard and believe in themselves.

Melanie Fukumae
(Parent of Alyssa)

We moved from Houston, Texas, where my daughter attended a public school.  When we arrived in Hawaii, we applied for attendance at Punahou Middle School, which is a challenging private school.  Our daughter was accepted but was struggling in math.  

We contracted with Certified Tutoring Services for one on one tutoring services and were very happy with the immediate progress that our daughter made.  She had a very good working relationship with her tutor and because of the tutor's tutoring skills, she was able to grasp the math concepts that she had previously struggled with.  With her new confidence and knowledge, she applied for the honors math program in 7th grade and was accepted.  She continues to excel, qualifying for the honors math program at Punahou High School, which she will attend next.

We highly recommend Certified Tutoring Services to other parents.  They are knowledgeable, professional and highly skilled in what they do to help students that are not only struggling, but want to achieve higher goals.

Nancy Wu
(Parent of Nina)

Certified Tutoring Services provides a wide range of tutoring services from SAT Prep to  science, and math from kindergarten to the college level which is the reason I signed up for the  services due to such flexibility and diversity in the tutors' range of teaching. Improvements of my children, Vincent and Vivian Yang, in academics include about a two grade positive difference from before until the present day while 
being enrolled in the services. My children have a better grasp of the concepts of their math and science courses in school due the tutoring services. My son has reported that he is able to keep up and advance further in class with the help of the tutors at Certified Tutoring Services. He has seen improvement in his critical thinking skills and application of concepts and is quite pleased. My daughter has seen her grades improve by at least 2 full letter grades positively after enrollment into these services.

Cynthia K.H. Lum
(Parent of Vivian and Vincent)

Certified Tutoring Services is a wonderful program. It has really helped my son pull through. With this tutoring program, my son is doing much better than before. It has made my child exceed through his academics. They have helped my son improve. My son feels that the tutors  know the subject very well and that they explain it very clearly to him. For example, when he needs help on a math problem, the tutor explains the steps clearly and thoroughly. When my son has a test, they help him with the topics that he does not understand and will try to help him review the other topics as well. I feel that this program will make my child do even better.

Jenny Wang
(Parent of David)

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