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Testing is something every student has to face. From our observations, while some students perform their full potential on test day to achieve great result, others have extreme difficulty demonstrating their true ability, even when they might have been well prepared the night before.


Some of the following strategies can help students improve their performance on test day:


  1. Review the materials that will be tested carefully. Think about how to apply them to problem solving.​

  2. Start early and set up a personal study schedule. Organize the study content based on your level of understanding. Studying each day for a few hours is much more efficient than cramming on the night before the test.

  3. Have a good rest the night before, and eat a healthy breakfast on the morning of test day. Bring extra clothing in case the testing site is too cold. Remember to also bring a snack and a bottle of water if you find the duration of the test to be too long.

  4. Make sure to bring everything you need for the test, including a pencil, eraser, calculator, photo ID, etc. Arrive at the testing center early, so that you have enough time to find your seat and make yourself comfortable.

  5. Do the easier questions first. This way, you can manage your time more efficiently and warm up your brain, so that you feel confident when dealing with the more difficult questions.

  6. Your biggest enemies on test day are nervousness and panic. There is nothing worse than to worry during the test. Remember to stay calm and just do your best.


At Certified Tutoring, our instructors help students understand their testing materials and employ various testing strategies to succeed on test day.


Test preparation class include:


  • All Subject Tests (K-12)

  • All Subject Tests (College Level)

  • SSAT 

  • PSAT

  • SAT 

  • ISEE

  • ACT 

  • AP 

  • GRE

  • GMAT


  • GED, etc.

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