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It is very important that students develop good reading skills at an early age. It can often mean the difference between excelling and struggling in future studies.


Building up a good reading habit takes time. Encourage students to visit the library periodically to select books, magazines and newspapers of their appropriate reading level and of their interest. Make sure they read carefully and take note on all new vocabularies. In doing so, students will improve their reading comprehension and expand their vocabulary. Gradually, they will make reading an indispensable part of their lives.


At Certified Tutoring, we diagnose our students' reading levels, select the appropriate reading materials and teach them how to read well. We also focus on our students' schoolwork whenever help is needed. Our reading program has helped students foster the enjoyment of reading. With higher reading levels, our students are better prepared to improve their reading performances in school and on standardized tests.


 Reading classes include:

  • Phonics

  • Word Recognition

  • Vocabulary

  • Reading Comprehension

  • K-12 & College Reading​​

  • SSAT Verbal

  • SSAT Reading Comprehension

  • ISEE Reading Comprehension

  • SAT Critical Reading

  • ACT English

  • ACT Reading

  • AP English Language

  • AP English Literature

  • GRE Literature in English

  • GMAT Vebal

  • ASVAB Reading

  • GED Reading, etc.

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