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Here are some of our students who have been admitted to the following schools and colleges

Accepted By:

Punahou School


David Kang, Monica Roh,  Bianca Roh, Calen Young, Alison Lu, Jenny Yen
Anderson Ko, Yi Li, Seobeen Chang, Arisa Moore, Ayano Moore, Beylih Beale

Iolani School

David Kang, Justin Wong, Seok Weon Jeong, Laurence Kwock, Bella Chen, Allan Chen, Seobeen Chang, Arisa Moore, Ayano Moore

Harvard University

University of Pennsylvania

Princeton University 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Stanford University

Columbia University

Dartmouth College

Sandy Xu, Jason Cheng, Jamie Hwang

Eric Wong,  Ko Im, Stephanie Mendiola, Victor Liang, Rei Fujita, Richard Chen

Neeraj Nagarajan

Julian Yuen, Handrick Green

Bryan Cauley, Andy Li

Mike Lee, Rajkaran Sachdej

Anne Atalig, Hi'ilani Hopkins

Brown University

Shruti Neeraj, Elvina Zhang, Alison Lu

Ko Eun Lee, Isabel Hu, Song Bin Im, Joyce Lee

Cornell University

Dan Ju

John Hopkins University 

Winny Chen

Northwestern University

Michelle Lee

Emory University 

Spencer Lau, Tinhui Lin

UC Berkeley

Rio Higashi, Anna Cho, Jing Yao Chen


Anderson Ko

UC Santa Barbara

Marcos Hung, Hyunsoo Jeon, Andersen Yu, Alyssa Fukumae, Laurence Kwock

UC San Diego

Conrad Pak, Jeffrey Zhang, Laurence Kwock

UC Irvine

Alex Gao, George Corpuz, Hi'ilani Hopkins

University of Southern California

Carnegie Mellon University

Nina Wu

Mathcounts Hawaii State Competition:

Seobeen Chang: Second Place (2016)
Hawaii Mathcounts team member for National Mathcount Competition (2016)
Neopold Ko:  Third Place (2014)
Hawaii Mathcounts team member for National Mathcount Competition (2014)

Mathcounts Hawaii Chapter Competition:

Seobeen Chang: First Place (2016)
Neopold Ko: First Place (2014)
Vincent Tran:  5th Place (2012)


We provide online class and in person class for K-12 and college students for the subjects of math, reading, writing, biology, chemistry, physics, SSAT, PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP, GRE, GMAT, Private School/College Admission Counseling, etc.

Student Writing


Your Tutoring Service Specialists

Since year 1985, Certified Tutoring has been providing  high quality and professional services for the students anywhere. Our certified school teachers are working very hard with their subject expertises. 

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