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AP Physics 2 Exam Prep Course 10 Weeks

Saturdays: 2 pm - 4 pm Eastern Standard Time

Tuition: $995
Multiple Course Discount: $80 off  for all courses after the first course.


Yang Li

Current College Board AP calculus and AP physics Reader
Adjunct professor of math and physics in University of Hawaii
Teacher of AP calculus AB/BC and AP physics 1, AP physics 2, AP physics C in Myron B Thompson Academy, Honolulu Hawaii
AP Calculus BC instructor of The Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth in Johns Hopkins University
Current Certifications of teaching AP calculus AB/BC, AP statistics, AP physics 1,2 and C issued by College Board
Current math and physics 6-12 teacher’s license by Hawaii State Teacher Standards Board
Current math grade 7-12 teacher’s license by Maryland State Department of Education
A  bachelor of physics, a master of physics and a master of secondary education (math and physics)
Have taught math and physics in middle school, high school and college face to face and online for 30 years.

Dr. James Salvail

Ph.D of science, master of science and a bachelor of science. 
Adjunct professor of math, physics and chemistry at University of Hawaii, Hawaii Pacific University, Chaminade University
Math and science teacher in Maryknoll High School and Kalani High School.

Christopher Wrenn

Bachelor of science, a master of science and a master of art. 
Adjunct professor of math and physics at University of Hawaii


Week 1

Understanding Fluids:
Study the concepts of fluid statics and fluid dynamics. Work through problems related to density, pressure, buoyancy, and fluid conservation laws.

Week 2

Understanding Thermodynamics:
Study thermodynamics questions related to the ideal gas law, PV diagrams, thermal conductivity, and Maxwell distributions.

Week 3

Study AP Exam questions to review electrostatics. Focus on the concepts of charge and charging, as well as electric force, field, and potential.

Week 4

Study electric circuits and solve problems about resistivity, building circuits, and combining circuit elements.

Week 5

Study magnetism and solve problems about magnetic forces exerted on moving objects and wires, as well as electromagnetic induction.

Week 6

Geometric and Physical Optics:
Study geometric and physical optics. Focus on refraction, diffraction, polarization, and lenses.

Week 7

Modern Physics:
Study major concepts in modern physics and explain electron energy levels, the photoelectric effect, and nuclear reactions.

Week 8

AP Exam Strategies:
Study types of questions on the AP Physics 2 Exam. Focus on MCQs and practice strategies for each type of FRQ.

Week 9

Practice Exam 1
Study test taking strategies and practice exam. 

Week 10

Practice Exam 2
Study test taking strategies and practice exam. 

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